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How to Find Literary Agents Looking for New Writers

It’s no secret that authors face rejection after rejection when trying to pitch their manuscripts. Why? The biggest reason is simply that they’re pitching to the wrong agent. Agents will always reject your manuscript, no matter how phenomenal it is, if it’s not the type of work they handle. Even if you have your query letter crafted by professionals, you still won’t be successful if you’re pitching to the wrong agents.

Finding an appropriate literary agent looking for new writers requires extensive research. Luckily, the internet facilitates this process dramatically, offering abundant resources to aid authors in their search. Below are nine resources to help you find appropriate literary agents looking for new writers.

Publishers Lunch is a free online newsletter that displays recent deals and news from the publishing world. It’s a good way to find agents looking for new writers, as it displays the names of agents and what books they’re working with. This information allows you to draft a list of ideal agents. Make sure to cross-reference the information with other sources, though, to ensure the credibility of the agents involved.

On (the umbrella website for Publishers Lunch) you can use the member search function to obtain information about agents and agencies, which is used for cross-referencing information. Additionally, the “top 10 most visited agents” feature is a fantastic way to learn about new, reputable literary agents looking to land some clients.

Publishers Weekly offers numerous features useful for new writers seeking the right literary agent. Like on, you can search members to gather information about agents and agencies. The site also features free articles, information, and a weekly online newsletter that may mention agents looking to pick up new writers.

The official website of Writer’s Digest magazine supplies authors with valuable resources for their agent search. The site features free articles, interviews with industry leaders, and a newsletter, which can help you to learn about suitable agents. In particular, check out Publishing Insights, a blog where the editors of Writer’s Digest post agent interviews, agency listings, agency profiles, and more.

5. Twitter

Nearly everyone has a Twitter account these days, and literary agents are no exception. You can simply enter a literary agent’s name and see if the relevant account pops up. If an agent has an account, you can easily keep up to date on their deals and events in the publishing world and learn whether they’re accepting new writers.

6. Acknowledgments pages

Often, if you look in the acknowledgments pages of published books, you’ll find a mention of the agent who represented the book. A good way to discover agents who may be interested in your work is to browse the acknowledgments pages of books in your genre or category. You can do this at the local bookstore or library, or you can use Google Books to search right from home.

7. Agency websites

If you’ve already found the name of a literary agency but are looking for additional information, check out their website. Most agents and agencies have their own websites, so a simple Google search is all it takes to find them. These websites offer a wealth of information, including previous clients, submission guidelines, and whether the agent is currently looking for new writers.

8. Search engines

You can also use search engines more broadly than searching for specific agents or agencies. Simply entering “literary agent” brings up over a million hits that you’ll have to wade through yourself. But by refining your search terms, you’re sure to strike gold (e.g., try searching for “literary agents accepting queries”).

Researching agents is hard work, and you’d probably rather be writing. If you want to save yourself the time and effort, check out publishing services that will do the research for you. At, you need only provide some information about your manuscript and your publication goals, and the company’s professionals will compile a list of suitable literary agents seeking new writers, along with their contact info and submission guidelines.

Finding the right literary agent isn’t easy, but thanks to the internet, it’s much simpler than it was in the past. You have at your fingertips a wealth of information and resources to find numerous ideal literary agents who are waiting for a query from a new writer like you. Once you find a suitable agent, get your query letter composed by professionals to maximize your chances of success.



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