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Get contact info for relevant agents and publishers

Note: Our query letter packages, include contact info for 10 agents or publishers relevant to your manuscript. If you don't have a query letter yet, you'll need one to approach agents and/or publishers. Start there.

If you do have a query letter and you'd just like to increase the number of agents and publishers you're communicating with, you're on the right page.

If you're planning to seek an agent or publisher to publish traditionally, we can save you a ton of time and increase your chances of success. Our team has perfected a foolproof process to identify agents and publishers who are great candidates for your work based on your book's topic, reading level, genre, and the agents'/publishers' current needs. We'll deliver a spreadsheet with only the best prospects and their contact info so you can reach out to pitch your book as the next best thing. (Note: In order to pitch your book to agents and publishers, you'll need a query letter. We can write a query letter for you.)

What do clients say about our research?

"Your delivery of literary agents is amazing. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect such great detail about the literary agents and their contact info. I can't thank you enough. By the way, can you do another 40 agents and 50 publishers? Thank you so much for your team’s great work."


What you'll get: A targeted spreadsheet with the contact info of agents and/or publishers who are likely to be interested in your book based on their past behavior and current needs​

Example list of curated agents (redacted)

Example list of curated agents

Example list of curated publishers (redacted)

Example list of curated publishers

Rates by number of agents or publishers

  • 25 agents—US$174.95

  • 50 agents—US$349.95

  • Most common: 75 agents—US$524.95

  • 100 agents—US$699.95

  • 125 agents—US$874.95

$6.99 for every agent or publisher after that.

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