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Increase your chances of landing a publishing deal

We've written hundreds of query letters to help authors land publishing deals.

What is a query letter?

A query letter is a document you need if you're writing a manuscript and you'd like to approach agents or publishers to land a publishing deal. 

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We leverage years of industry experience

Our team prepares full query letter packages to make life easy for authors. Here's what's included:

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Could you write a query letter yourself?

It's possible, but there's a huge learning curve. And getting a second opinion about what makes your manuscript marketable is invaluable.

What do query letter clients say about our work?

" did such wonderful work with my memoir’s query letter package. My core thoughts were well written in the synopsis and chapter outline. I felt so lucky to work with Michelle and the rest of the team. Before submitting my draft, I was so worried because I was navigating publishing for the first time. However, I am so satisfied with the work and recommend it more than 100%."

—Marianne (received a publishing offer from an NYC publisher in May 2018)

Get the publishing help you need

You can rest assured that your manuscript will be in the hands of experienced professionals who know the publishing industry inside and out.

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