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3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Submitting to Christian Book Publishers

Are you looking for a Christian book publisher to help you bring your book to the market? Navigating the publishing market can be difficult, especially for new authors. You need to write a compelling query letter (or have professionals compose one for you), find a literary agent to represent you, and then convince a Christian publisher to take on your project. But many other Christian authors before you have accomplished these tasks, so you can do it, too. Here are three questions to ask yourself before submitting to Christian book publishers.

What topic are you writing about?

This question may seem simple on the surface, but dig deep and determine the exact themes of your writing. What broad category can you fit your writing into? What smaller, specific subcategories do you cover in your work? What differentiates you from other authors who write about similar topics? Identifying the exact themes of your book will help you find the right Christian book publisher to submit to. You’ll have better chances of success querying publishers that operate in your niche, Christian or otherwise.

Also consider ordering a spreadsheet with the contact information and submission preferences of literary agents likely to be interested in your work.

Is your book fiction or nonfiction?

How are you getting the ideas in your book across? How are you spreading your Christian message? Are you providing a real account of a true story or exploring a concept in Christianity for which you’ve gathered interviews and compiled hours of research? Or are you conveying your ideas through the experiences of fictional characters? No matter your approach, you can find numerous book publishers happy to bring your Christian book to the market. Publishers all have their own preferences, so it’s important to determine which ones are more interested in fiction and which ones prefer to publish nonfiction books.

Who is your target audience?

Don’t just say “Christians.” Be specific. What age group are you targeting? Does your book specifically cater to men or women? What interests or life experiences might your intended reader have? What kind of person do you envision reading your book? It’s essential to paint a detailed picture of your target reader not only in your search for the ideal Christian book publisher but also for all marketing and advertising endeavors you undertake.

Determining the topic, style, and intended readership of your project is crucial—if you don’t, you may find yourself repeatedly pitching to the wrong publishers. Rest assured that there is a Christian book publisher out there who would love to help you spread your story, but finding it is difficult if you yourself don’t understand the nature of your book. If you identify your specific niche within the Christian literary landscape, you’ll be able to compose a much more convincing query letter—or you can pass the appropriate information on to a professional who will write a stunning query letter for you.



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