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Self-Publishing Resources focuses mainly on meeting the needs of authors aiming to break into traditional publishing. We offer manuscript critiques to help authors identify issues with their books that may put off agents or publishers, and we help authors create compelling, effective query letters and submission materials to pitch their manuscripts.

For authors aiming to self-publish, we recommend the services of our sister site, Their experienced, skilled editing, design, and marketing teams have helped hundreds of authors achieve their self-publishing goals. offers these services for authors:

Editing Services

  • Developmental editing. This service is for authors with full first drafts who are looking for detailed, page-by-page suggestions to fix structural issues involving the plot, the characters, the tone and themes, etc. Your editor will add developmental notes to the margins of your manuscript and will provide an editorial letter with a comprehensive discussion of the identified areas for improvement. Learn about developmental editing services.

  • Combined editing and proofreading. This service is for authors with a complete manuscript who want a comprehensive check for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as suggestions for stylistic improvements. The service combines an initial round of editing and a subsequent proofread to catch any remaining errors and prepare the material for publication. Get an instant quote for combined editing and proofreading services.

  • Proofreading only. Authors who have a fully edited manuscript, meaning a clean text with a maximum of one or two errors per page, turn to for a final check prior to publication. Your proofreader will eliminate the kinds of typos, missing words, and spelling mistakes that can break immersion. Learn about proofreading services.

Need help identifying which type of editing you might need? Take a quick editorial needs quiz.

Publishing and Design Services

  • Cover design. Readers do judge a book by its cover. The skilled designers at specialize in creating covers that will draw readers’ attention at a glance, whether online or in print. Based on current trends, book cover design best practices, and years of experience, your book cover designer will create a cover that maximizes your sales and audience growth. Learn about cover design services.

  • eBook formatting. Make your book available across all digital devices. offers .mobi files for Amazon Kindle and .epub files for other platforms such as Smashwords, with package deals for both. Learn about eBook formatting services.

  • Typesetting and interior book design. Format your book for print through custom typesetting or basic book formatting. With custom typesetting, a professional typesetter will apply a consistent design, adjusting the spacing and kerning of each line individually to achieve a professional result. With a basic book formatting service, your designer will apply formatting based on the printing guidelines of your chosen POD service, such as Amazon or IngramSpark. Learn about interior book design services.

  • Literary translation. Boost sales and expand beyond the English market to reach the other 86% of readers worldwide. The literary translation team works with multiple languages, both to and from English, and will preserve your unique authorial voice for a faithful translation in your target language. Learn about literary translation services.

Marketing Services

  • Book marketing packages. Get the essential custom marketing materials you’ll need to sell your book successfully. The package includes a back cover blurb, tagline for use on social media, Amazon book description and keywords, and author biography, and the book marketing team will also recommend a BISAC category determination for your book and will provide contact information for ten bloggers relevant to your genre. will also tweet about your book and promote it through Facebook to its community of +73,000 followers. Learn about the book marketing package.

  • Targeted blog promotion. Get a comprehensive spreadsheet with contact information for bloggers who could help promote your book and build your audience. The research team will identify promising blogs focusing on books in your genre and track down contact information you can use to reach out for a guest post, a review, or a collaboration. Learn about targeted blog promotion.


Need additional guidance? We’d be happy to learn about your book and help you determine what types of services you’ll need to achieve your publishing goals.

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