Get a professional manuscript critique

If you want to seek literary agents but are unsure whether your manuscript is in good enough shape to pitch, our manuscript critique service can help. Our experienced team will pinpoint issues with plot and character development, structural cohesion, dialogue and narrative style, and more and will give you comprehensive recommendations on how to fix them.

What you'll get:

A multi-page editorial letter outlining your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and providing a plan to fix the weaknesses.

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Manuscript critique rates by manuscript word count

  • 1–20,000 words—$189

  • 20,001–40,000 words—$229

  • 40,001–60,000 words—$279

  • 60,001–80,000 words—$339

  • 80,001–120,000 words—$399

  • +120,001 words—Get a custom quote.