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We consistently receive positive feedback from our customers. You can order our services any time you like—and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Feedback about our query letter packages

“ did such wonderful work with my memoir’s query letter package. My core thoughts were well written in the synopsis and chapter outline. I felt so lucky to work with Michelle and the rest of the team. Before submitting my draft, I was so worried because I was navigating publishing for the first time. However, I am so satisfied with the work and recommend it more than 100%.”

—Marianne (received a publishing offer from an NYC publisher in May 2018)

“Most writers would agree that writing a synopsis is by far the worst part of writing a novel. Many would rather write another whole novel than distil one down to a single page. So the people at are certainly offering a much desired service by taking that pain away. It was thrilling to see how someone else had drawn out the key points of my novel, and they were able to pin down the important elements for a synopsis in a way that I was struggling to.”

—Katja Kaine, Creator of The Novel Factory  (query letter package for a children’s fantasy manuscript)

“I am in love with my query letter, synopsis, and outline. Thank you! I have already recommended you to two writer friends. You guys did a fantastic job!”

—Kathleen Griffin (a 94,000-word novel bridging psychological drama and magical realism)

"Wow! I was very pleased with the support I received. I was not expecting such a great chapter by chapter synopsis of the entire book. After reading the proposed query letter, synopsis, and chapter by chapter synopsis, I was pleased that my book obviously told the story in a way that a reader understood... I am hopeful the 10 agents they selected for me will be just as impressed. My sincere thanks to the team."

—Mark White (query letter package for a science fiction manuscript)

“Wow! Great service and a solid query letter. Please pass along my gratitude to your team. I’m very impressed, and I have another manuscript coming your way.”

—Tye Tyson (query letter package for an adult contemporary manuscript)

“I had no idea how to pitch my manuscript to publishers, which publishers were likely to be interested, or how to get in contact with them. I turned to because I needed insight into the publishing industry, and they exceeded my expectations. Their team carefully read my manuscript and wrote me a compelling query letter that captured what I had spent years writing, giving me confidence in my pitch and saving me a ton of time. I can’t imagine submitting my book to publishers without’s help.”

—Mary (query letter package for a 280-page historical fiction manuscript)

Feedback about our agent/publisher contact info service

“Your delivery of literary agents is amazing. Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect such great detail about the literary agents and their contact info. I can’t thank you enough. By the way, can you do another 40 agents and 50 publishers? Thank you so much for your team’s great work.”


Feedback about our manuscript critiques

“Completing the first draft of my manuscript was a huge accomplishment, but I needed guidance on where to focus my revisions in my second draft. The expert editors at came through with their manuscript critique service, making suggestions to help me fill plot holes, flesh out under-developed characters, and create a more satisfying narrative arc for my young reading audience. I simply could not have brought this project to a successful conclusion without their help, and I would definitely recommend their services to fellow authors.”

—Richard Wright (manuscript critique for 26,000 words)

“I just wanted to reach out to let you know my feelings about the manuscript critique. It was brilliant! I could not be happier with the critique I got back.

Thank you for the really super work you did and for being aware of my deadline. I’m actually a professional copyeditor myself, for more than ten years, and I can honestly say I’ve never done a better critique than what you came up with for me. I had no expectation of finding someone as capable as you. I got work back that was, in all likelihood and honesty, better than what I would have done myself. And no one can ask for more than that, can they?

You’ve been nothing short of amazing.”

​—J.A. (manuscript critique for a 115,000-word historical fiction novel)

Feedback about our developmental editing

“The comments and notes from the team were so meaningful to me, beyond my expectations. Your developmental editing work is unrivaled. Thank you so much!”

— Marianne, author of a historical fiction novel

“When I purchased developmental editing, I knew my second novel was a work in progress, and that reality helped me be open to the editing process.


There are stories, and then there are stories well told. Anybody can write a story, but I also believe anybody can write a story well told as long as he or she is committed. In that sense, developmental editing broadened my view of what my manuscript could become.


While many creative writers fear that an editor will change their ideas, my experience has been that editors make the best writing teachers. My teacher, as I fondly called my editor, was not intrusive. She understood that my project was my baby, and her editorial letter gave me a professional perspective on what stage my draft was in. She gave me many suggestions on how to build my characters and plotlines to make them their best. I made all the final decisions, and continued conversations with my teacher have helped me tighten my draft even further since.


If you’re serious about publication, please do not write in a vacuum. Always get a second pair of eyes from a professional. This developmental editing service provides excellent support for authors aiming to make their work the best it can be.


Nobody forced me to say these things! I am truly a satisfied customer, and I will use this service again.”

— S.L. Plummer (developmental editing of 84,656 words)

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