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“Are You on the Right Track?” Critique Package

We'll provide expert feedback on what you've written so far so you create the best story possible and don't waste time or effort

When writing a book, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details. Before you know it, you’re mired in a mess of world-building minutiae, plot holes, and loose narrative threads. Even if you struggle your way out of the quagmire to a completed first draft, you may need to gut the manuscript to address the problems you were struggling with in the first place. That means wasting hours and hours not only on fighting your way to the finish line but also on revisions to make your book appealing to your readers.

This service is for authors who have not completed the full first drafts of their manuscripts and who want to know whether they’re on the right track. If that doesn't sound like you, take our 20-second editorial needs quiz.

It's our goal to help you:

  • identify areas of improvement before you complete your manuscript,

  • clarify what you’re doing well and what needs work through an objective assessment of your book, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction,

  • understand character and plot development, structure, dialogue, and more—and we’ll provide strategies to help you refine these elements,

  • address issues that might leave readers and publishers scratching their heads, before you complete the full first draft.

What you’ll get: A multi-page editorial letter that sets out your manuscript’s strong and weak points along with a strategy to help you get back on the right track—and save time, avoid frustration, and produce a better book


  • 1–20,000 words—US$329

  • 20,001–40,000 words—US$389

  • 40,001–60,000 words—US$479

  • Most common: 60,001–80,000 words—US$579

  • 80,001–120,000 words—US$679

  • 120,001–140,000 words—US$799

  • 140,001–160,000 words—US$919

  • 160,000+ words—Email us for a custom quote.

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